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Three Weavers Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Inglewood, California.  Founded in 2013, we are deeply rooted in the concept of responsibility - to our environment, to our industry, to our community, and to our team. Three Weavers exists to share our love and appreciation of beer with the world - join us and become a member of our community.



ABC. Easy as 1-2-3!

The Alcohol Beverage Control employees are some of the nicest folks to work with.  I popped into the downtown office on Tuesday morning before Thanksgiving (walk-in application review is Monday - Thursday, 8AM to 10:30 only).   We reviewed our application, found a couple of things missing, and made our to do list for submitting our application.  Special Note:  Sign all your documents in front of the ABC employee.  It will save you money on notarizing signatures, unless the person who has to sign can not attend.

Here are the forms you will need:

Planned Operation (Non-Retail) ABC257-NR.

Anywhere it asks for application, list the brewery entity name.  You must have your location secured as the ABC license is tied to the location, not your brewery.


Licensed Premises Diagram (Non-Retail) ABC257-NR.

A hand drawing is fine, you just need to show all exterior walls of your license brewery, interior walls, stairs, exits, doors, general area where things are going (brew house, cellar, cold box, mill, bottling area, tasting room.)


Supplemental Diagram ABC253.

Again, a hand drawing is fine.  They want to see just your exterior walls in relation to streets.  Be sure to orientate your map N.


Application Questionnaire ABC217 (2+ pages depending on how many investors you have).

Here you have to list all of your investors, sources of funds, and how you plan to spend all that cash.  Be sure to list your SBA if you have one.  This form need to be notarized or signed in front of an ABC employee.


Application Signature Sheet ABC211-SIG.

If you do not sign the forms in front of the ABC employee, you will need to complete this form and have it notarized.  The ABC employee has me sign it in front of her anyways.  Go figure.


Depending on your entity type, you will need to complete:

Corporation ABC243 (2 pages).

Limited Liability Company Questionnaire ABC256-LLC (2 pages).

Partnership Questionnaire ABC256

Here you list all your information about your brewery and it's investors.  Please note that any investor that is a 10% or more owner must complete ABC208-A and B.  If any members list their trust as owners and they are 10% or more owners, you will need a copy of the executed trust documents.  If you have LLC's, Corps, or Partnerships as members of your entity and they are 10% or more owners, they will need to complete the entity questionnaire.  Any owners that are 10% or more owners of the LLC will have to complete ABC208-A and B.  Every entity will have to attach their operating agreement and articles of incorporation.


Individual Personal Affidavit ABC208-A and B.

This form needs to be notarized or signed in front of an ABC employee.  You will need a copy of your birth certificate or passport.


Certification Re: Chapter 15 Tied House Restrictions ABC140.

Every entity will have to complete this form.


Forms ABC 247 Statement Re: Residences and ABC251 Statement Re: Consideration Points are not required as they only apply to Retail licenses.


Dropped off our final application with a check yesterday and got a call this afternoon that our poster and fingerprinting forms are ready for pick up.  AWESOME!