Three Weavers

It's more than beer. It's community.

Three Weavers Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Inglewood, California.  Founded in 2013, we are deeply rooted in the concept of responsibility - to our environment, to our industry, to our community, and to our team. Three Weavers exists to share our love and appreciation of beer with the world - join us and become a member of our community.



The Three Weavers Creed

Everyone has a special gift.  I'm not speaking of any particular quality that makes us special, it is more like something that sets each of us apart.  

I remember the little things, a loved one's simple desire, want or need mentioned in a passing conversation.  I pick up the little gems and file them away in my mental file cabinet for the right occasion.  That is my gift.  I'm a walking file cabinet waiting to fulfill these little gems and bestow them on their original owners.  I have chosen to use my gift to give back to the ones I cherish and love.  

I have been looking for ways to expand my mental filing cabinet into something more.  Not just picking up the little gems, but trying to see the larger gemstones within.  But not just to see, but to give the tools that can polish their gemstone.  Once polished it will reveal wonderful characteristics showing it's potential and flaws.  Even flaws can be beautiful.  It is with polishing our gemstones that we are capable of great things.  

When I decided to start Three Weavers, I never thought about polishing gemstones.  But I realize now the importance of polishing our employees gemstones.  Our polishing won't stop with our employees, but will reach out to our environment, our industry and our community.   With our company creed as our guide, Three Weavers will rise upon the lifting tide of polished gemstones.  

I have always been fascinated by Japanese business culture and family creeds.  These creeds are passed down from generation to generation, successfully guiding the family business for hundreds of years.  There is a simplicity and flow in the way the Japanese conduct business.  Almost as if they strive to co-exist with nature.  There is pride and honesty along with fairness and trust.  A unity that is forged upon respect and humility.  Most importantly, there is gratitude and generosity.

Three Weavers have adapted these simple principles in a creed defining our company culture.  With our creed we define our social responsibility to our environment, our industry, our community and to our employees.   


The Three Weavers Creed

Pride – we are honored to uphold the high standards of the craft beer industry.

Fairness and honesty – we will be fair and honest in all our business dealings and personal conduct.

Unity – we will pool abilities, based upon trust and respect and will constantly strive to improve our company and personal performances.

Courtesy and Humility – we will always be cordial and modest and respect the rights and needs of others.

Co-Exist with Nature– we will abide by the laws of nature and adjust to the ever-changing conditions around us.

Gratitude and Generosity– we will always be grateful for all the blessings and kindness we have received and give our own blessings and kindness.  


Join us and ride this gemstone tide.