Hops Need Friends
Pint $7.50

Even Sassier
Pint $7.50

A Thousand Times Yes
$8.50 Tulip

Note To Self Brown Ale
$6.50 Pint

Cloudy w/ a chance of Lemons
A Beer Cocktail
$7.50 Pint

Crowns & Knots
$8.50 Pint

That’s A Spicy Mango
A Mule Cocktail
$6.50 Pint

Doom Scrolling
$6.50 Pint

Deep Thoughts
$6.50 Pint

Inglewood Fog
$7.50 Pint

Little Green Room
$6 Pint

Some Dark Hollow
$6 6oz

Are You 21 or Older?

Yes No

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